The Odie & Board Story

Our story begins on Christmas Day, 2009 in the small town of Clearbrook, MN. Born as the runt of his litter and passed over for his smarter, better looking siblings, a 10-week old 23-pound entrepreneur set out for a better life in Minneapolis with only the change in his pocket and the collar on his....fur. Little did the world know the places this pup would go, even with the odds stacked against him. Early on, Odie discovered that he had a knack for helping people get through tough times, so it was only natural that he put his love of building things into practice. With just a hammer and two pairs of safety gloves, Odie started building things for his friends.



Then one day, a thought came to Odie during his daily nap. Well he has like 30 daily naps and fell asleep again before writing the thought down, but the gist of it was that maybe people were looking for products that were a little different. And special. Made just for them. Built by a dog.

With that vision in mind, Odie started Odie & Board.

As the Founder of Odie & Board, Odie has always recognized the value of hard work and perseverance. He once made his way into a trash can that had been modified to lock completely shut. With this work ethic, ingenuity, and a little luck, Odie hopes to keep his dream rolling.